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20 Great Gift Ideas For Educators This Christmas

  • April 18, 2023

A great way to show appreciation for your educators this holiday season is through a meaningful gift. With the end of the year upon us again I have witnessed many forums where people are seeking advice on an appropriate gift for their educators.  

No matter your budget, you can find a gift that educators will use and appreciate. Whether that’s a DIY craft from the children or a small candle from a local business, there’s a range of holiday gift ideas for you.

Now’s the time to start shopping and take advantage of pre Christmas sales. Here are 20 great gift ideas to give your educators this holiday season. 

1. Kangarootime Kangaroo

The NUMBER ONE gift Educators around the country are wishing to wake up to this Christmas morning, a Kangarootime Kangaroo! Why not make your educators year by gifting them a personalised Kanga…. Available directly from Kangarootime. Call 1300 993 226. But you’d better be quick – stocks are running low.

2. Subscription Services

A subscription service is the gift that keeps on giving! These can start from $10 and go up from there. Depending on your budget, you can choose how long of a subscription to gift. Here are some popular subscription services:, Streaming services eg Stan / Netflix / Paramount

3. Personalised Stickers

Stickers are an adorable and cost-effective gift for educators. Your staff can place these stickers on water bottles, electronics, notepads, etc. This gives their belongings a more personalised feel. Here’s a popular site to buy or create stickers:

4. Candles

A simple yet classic gift, everyone loves receiving candles. All major department stores sell candles at a price point for you to choose. Myer, DJs, Target, Big W, Kmart

5. Lotion or Bath Products

Lotion and bath products are a great way to give your staff the tools to pamper themselves. Your staff will get their use out of these products. Try buying lotion, bath bombs, bubble bath,and more from any of these businesses: Target, Myer, Lush, Sephora, Mecca, Specialty shops

6. Homemade Treats

Making a homemade treat like cakes, brownies,rum balls and mince tarts are easy and cost-effective. This is also a goodoption if you have a lot of staff members to provide gifts for. Try looking through Pinterest for top recipes ideas. 

7. Gift Cards

This is a common and well-received gift. A gift card to Westfield, Event Cinemas, Myer, JB HI-FI, Bunningsis sure to be used. This gift is easy and can be customised to your budget.

8.Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate

Your educators most likely take advantage of caffeine. Try gifting specialty teas or coffees to help them save money in the morning and try something new. Try T2 and Max Brenner

9. Keep Cup

To help your staff carry their tea or coffee, gift them a travel mug. These are a great gift and can be found everywhere. You can also buy these in bulk at

10. Tumbler / Water Bottle

A tumbler, similar to a travel mug, is also a great gift. These can be used and refilled with water or cold drinks throughout the day.  Try

11. Puzzles

Puzzles can be a fun and cute gift idea for teachers. They also double as wall art when completed! Big W, Bookstores, Kmart, Target, specialty shops

12. Reusable Tote Bag

Reusable tote bags are a practical and stylish gift for educators. They can carry all of their supplies in a customised or well-designed tote. for bulk orders.

13. Office Supplies

Office supplies are a great and practical gift for teachers. Whether that’s customized pens, new post-it notes,a notepad, etc., your staff will use these gifts. Check out Officeworks, Kikki k, Typo  for deals on office supplies.

14. Lip Balms

Lip balms are crucial for any time of year. There’s always gift sets available around the holidays and a range of cost-effective options as well. Bodyshop, Bath & Body Works

15. Small plants / succulents

Plants are a unique gift for educators.Try gifting something like succulents that are easy to take care of and will last. Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths are all great places

16. Favourite Snacks

Gift your teachers their favourite snacks for a practical yet thoughtful gift! Try including gum, mints, favourite lollies, chips, etc. This is also an easy and cost-effective option if you have multiple staff members.

17. Wine

A bottle of wine is also a great gift idea for educators. Again, these range in prices and can be customised to your budget. You can also substitute sparkling water or sodas if you prefer to stay away from wine. Dan Murphys, BWS, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi

18. Night Away

With so many months of working from home treat your educators to a night away. Many accommodation sites are offering reasonable priced accommodation on the beach, in the mountains or in the city. Try to get the best deal of the day.

19. Fruit Basket

While tis the season to be merry we all need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A fresh fruit basket filled with favourite seasonal fruits is an ideal gift. Support your local fruit shop or markets to choose the best quality fruit and create a basket yourself. Or if your budget extends a little further try

20. A Star

Our educators are stars, so why not put their name up in lights, LITERALLY. You can buy a star which can be seen anywhere in Australia. For as little as $39.99 you can gift a star which is owned forever,. Visit or

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