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Building Family and Community Partnerships at Your Childcare Centre

  • April 18, 2023

A key part of a successful childcare centre is having success ful partnerships with both families and your community.

When you connect to families and your community, you build trust and improve your centre’s reputation. You’re also exposed to a wider range of prospective families and can increase the number of referrals you receive. All of this results in a growing and thriving centre. Keep reading to learn more about building and improving partnerships with families and your community at your childcare centre. 

How to Build and Improve Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Sponsor Local Events

Building community partnerships starts with giving back to your community. Try sponsoring local events like school fairs, parties, fundraisers, parents nights in schools, etc. Research local events coming up in your local area and town and reach out to see if you can sponsor. Be sure to bring a table to the event with information on your centre, enrolment forms, and give away prizes if you’re able. 

Donate and Volunteer

Hosting a toy, food, or clothing drive is a great way to give back while teaming up with local organisations. It’s also a great way to get your staff, families, and children involved. These are easy to orchestrate and can have a huge impact on your centre and the community. 

Take Field Trips

Get more involved by taking the children on field trips to community events and local organisations. This teaches children about the neighbourhood, allows them to learn new things, and exposes potential new partners to your business. 


Advocate for childcare in your community by going to local meetings and getting involved in decision making. You can also join your local schools’ P&C even if you’re not a parent to get exposure within the school system. 

Parent Partnerships

Create a Parent Interview Panel

Help parents feel more connected to your ECEC by starting a parent interview panel. This gets parents involved in the recruiting and interviewing process for new hires. They’ll feel appreciated and respected knowing their input has an impact on their child’s experience. They also become more comfortable and confident with the educators while offering a uniqueperspective on candidates. 

Host Workshops and Trainings

Bring parents into your centre by offering training and workshops on a variety of topics. These could include health and wellness, money management, job hunting, child safety, COVID-19 vaccinations and more. You can also offer important trainings, like CPR, to keep your parents informed on child safety. 

Give Back

If your parents are actively involved in and bringing value toyour centre, it’s important to give back. You can give out special awards, thank them with referral fees, and offer discounts.

Hold Parent Events

Give parents the opportunity to be more involved in your program by offering events like open houses, parent nights, meet and greets, etc. You can also encourage parents to get involved during holidays or their child’s birthday by bringing in fun treats or activities.

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