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How to Handle a Negative Review of Your Childcare Centre

  • April 18, 2023

Negative reviews are inevitable when running a business such as your childcare centre. However, how you handle these negative reviews can greatly impact the perception of your business. By correctly handling unfavourable reviews, you can ensure your childcare centre is top-rated. 

In this post, you’ll learn:

·       When to respond to a negative review

·       What to say to a reviewer

·       How to encourage positive reviews at your centre

·       And more!

To learn more about handling negative reviews at your childcare centre, keep reading. 

Handling a Negative Review at Your Childcare Centre

Respond Quickly

Being prompt allows you to get ahead of the problem and minimise the impact of the review. This shows that you care about your business and prioritise the families at your centre. Try to respond to the review within 24 hours to help resolve the issue and increase the likeliness of the review being removed.  

Remain Calm, Polite, and Professional

Your response and demeanour is crucial when responding to negative reviews. By being calm, polite, and professional you can help keep the reviewer calm and protect the image of your business. Keep in mind that potential families can read the service views and they will take into account how you respond to difficult situations. The better you handle the review, the better your centre will look and the happier your reviewer will be.

Offer to Address the Issue Offline

Rather than having back and forth conversations, it’s best to move the issue off line to reconcile it as best as possible. Simply respond to the review politely and ask for the reviewer to contact you as soon as possible. This shows you’re taking the review seriously while keeping the matter private. 

Here’s an example of what you can say to a reviewer:

“Hi[name], we’re sorry to hear about your negative experience with our centre. We can assure you that we take these reviews very seriously and want to do everything we can to make this right. Please reach out to us at [email or phone number] so we can address the issue. Thank you for your time.”

Ask for the review to be removed

If the issue was successfully handled offline, kindly ask the reviewer if they can remove the review they posted. 

Request Positive Reviews

Having positive reviews will not only help potential customers find your centre but also allow them to establish trust within your centre. Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely powerful for childcare centres. When families see a range of positive reviews from happy families, they’re more inclined to want to join your centre.

To get started, register your centre with Google My Business. Next, encourage your families to write positive reviews about their experience. You can even offer incentives like a gift card, tuition discount, or small gift for those who fill out reviews. Google Reviews are free, easy, and one of the most popular ways prospective customers will research childcare centres. 

Mitigate the Risk of Negative Reviews

To help keep negative reviews at bay, ensure you and your staff are doing every thing in your power to maintain a positive experience at your centre. This means having your staff follow your updates handbook, creating a resilient team, and having a great company culture.

You can reduce negative reviews by:

Creating a positive work environment and culture

Building a resilient team

Creating a staff handbook

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