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Improving Parent Engagement at Your Childcare Centre

  • April 18, 2023

Improving parent engagement at your childcare centre starts with having a clear understanding of how and when to communicate. Your childcare centre is a community and families want to be a part of it. By communicating clearly and giving them the tools to succeed, you can increase parent engagement at your centre.

Improving parent engagement and communication starts with using the right tools. By having various communication methods, you can meet parentswhere they’re at. This helps build trust in your centre and attracts the rightfamilies. 

To learn more about improving parent engagement at your childcarecentre, keep reading.

Attract the Best Families for Your Centre

Having strong parent relationships starts with having families that believe in your centre and want to be a part of your community. 

Attracting the right families for your centre goes back to building a brand and improving your marketing efforts. 

You need to outline your core values and principles in order to define your centre’s mission and vision. This will help you understand what your centre stands for and allow you to bring in families that align with your goals. By having families that follow your centre’s core values, you can build a stronger childcare centre and create a community with high engagement.

Meet Parents Where They’re At

Today’s parents are looking to be connected to their child’s dayand stay up to date with happenings at your centre. To make communication easyand effective, meet parents where they’re at. This usually means an app.

Using Kangarootime’s software you can keep your families up todate with photos, viedos, and notes, fostering strong communications.

Communicate Clearly and Often

To improve parent engagement at your centre, make sure you’re communicating with families clearly and consistently. There’s nothing worse fora parent than an unwanted surprise. By keeping them in-the-loop and setting expectations, your relationships with parents will thrive. 

Set time aside to connect with parents whether that’s at drop off and pick up or through messaging using a tool like Kangarootime. 

Host Parent-Only Events 

Hosting events can help bring your parents together. This helps build your community and improves parent relationships.

Try organising volunteer events, ice cream socials, fundraisers, or monthly zoom meetings on a regular basis to engage your parents. 

Start a Parent Ambassador Program

A parent ambassador program improves parent engagement while also helping improve your centre. The parents who join this program help support your centre through events, fundraisers, miscellaneous projects, and more.

Not only does this help connect parents to your centre but it also gives parents opportunities to volunteer and socialise with other parents. 

A parent ambassador program can help improve parent engagement while providing financial support to your centre and enhancing student programs. 

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