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The 2022 Child Care Success Summit Recap

  • April 18, 2023

Whether in Australia or oversees, it’s always interesting to see the similarities in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry globally.

On October 19, the Kangarootime team took to Nashville, TN to celebrate the 2022Child Care Success Summit, hosted by Kris Murray. We had a blast catching up with customers, both locally and internationally, meeting childcare providers, learning from industry experts, and, of course, enjoying the city! 

We kicked off the Summit by setting up our newly designed booth, focused on highlighting the value we bring to our customers. We showcased the Kangarootime features including casual bookings, parent engagement app, reports, lead management, just to name a few,  and received great feedback from attendees. 

A conference wouldn’t be complete without some free swag. We brought along Kangarootime branded hats, sweatshirts, pens, stickers, and more to give out to our booth visitors.

We had a special surprise on Friday – Braid Babes! BraidBabes is a women-owned company with operations in Buffalo, Nashville, and Scottsdale. They’re a team of mobile braiders and they came to make our visitors look their best!

Overall, the Kangarootime team had a blast at the Child Care Success Summit! Talking to childcare providers, from around the world, face-to-face gives us a better understanding of their challenges and experiences, allowing us to help create better solutions. We learned so much and are looking forward to sharing our insights with our team. We can’t wait for next year!

Key Takeaways

Difficulties in the Childcare Industry 

More than anything, we attend conferences to learn from early educators and operators. We get to connect and hear about what challenges they’re facing and workshop how we can fix them. We also get to hear from industry experts, learning tips and strategies that help us improve our product and provide valuable resources. 

A few of the common challenges providers are facing include:

·       Dealing with outdated technology

·       Trying to efficiently staff centres

·       Finding ways to increase revenue

·       Difficulty understanding their business’s financial viability

How to Solve These Problems

Hearing the struggles providers are experiencing inspires us to help find solutions. To start, we continuously work on improving our product functionality and depth to create amore intuitive, seamless experience for our users. We also create new resources to help expand the thinking on how best to tackle some of these problems. Kangarootime provides centres with the tools to:

·       Manage your business from multiple levels

·       Understand their business with dashboards and reporting

·       Efficiently schedule staff

·       Forecast enrolment and attendance

·       Increase revenue through Casual Bookings

Beyond our platform, weprovide resources to help educators in the industry.


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